Hematolagnia - RBR-verse please.


((Hematolagnia: I’ll write our characters having sex with blood play/written mostly to this on repeat don’t even ask me why i’m still not happy with how it turned out, i can never end smut properly, but here it is))

Warnings: Violence, blood (duh), and for general fucked up madness

The look in those golden eyes was practically ravishing.

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RUN BOY RUN  ; 01. take me to church-hozier// 02. trophy-bat for lashes// 03. bedroom hymns-florence + the machine// 04. strange and beautiful-aqualung// 05. stripped-shiny toy guns // 06. under your spell-desire// 07. once upon a dream-lana del rey// 08. run-daughter// 09. maps-yeah yeah yeahs// 10. icicle-tori amos

if you consume my brain with fire

i'll feel you burn in every drop of my blood

{ l i s t e n }

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//sorry for the brief hiatus everyone, just had to get my head in a better place and focus on me for a weekend since I haven’t done so in a while. I also reread and tried to prioritize finishing a bunch of unfinished fics on my AO3 account that I might be posting some drabbles for to see if people are still interested (if anyone remembers the awful concoction of words that was the rush drabbles from a hundred years ago… Those might be coming back to life to help with my writer’s block ahahaaaaa). But as of tomorrow, blog should be back up to usual and asks/replies answered!

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amused + ready for some fun



that last frame gets me every damn time

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Runs through my mind every time i see the scene with the russian dolls ahah. 


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i love infrared photography look how cute and dreamy it is

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" money cant solve all your problems "

yes it can



Jack Frost

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